Who We Are?

Our Mission

The mission of PKC is to promote community cohesion through a programme of activities that will help to build on existing work with the Kurds and BME population in Plymouth and integrate the dispersed RAS population within the host community.



PKC has been operating as a registered charity and community organisation since 2003. Run by refugees for refugees, asylum seekers and people of ethnic minority living in the Plymouth and surrounding areas, PKC has provided essential advocacy and interpretation services alongside day-to-day assistance for over 10 years.  Since its establishment PKC has moved from strength to strength engaging in national and international developments and networking.

The Plymouth Kurdish Community (PKC) was established  as a result of the growing numbers of Kurdish people living and working in Devon and Cornwall. The Kurds in Plymouth are the largest Ethnic Minority, it is now more than 3600 people as a result of more women and children joining their family here to start a new life in Plymouth. It is difficult when coming from another culture with not understanding about the UK law and culture, it is very hard as the family faces many challenges every day.


  • Offer a wide range of support services covering finance, health, education, inclusion and equality primarily to RAS and BME groups living or moving into Plymouth and/or the surrounding area.
  • Maintain a flexible schedule to meet the needs of the clientele regardless of the length of notice given or the hour of the day/night
  • Provide good quality volunteering opportunities to the target population and wider community to enhance experience and practical skills that may lead to future paid employment.