Welcome to Plymouth Kurdish Community

Promoting Community Integration

“Successful intergenerational work requires a shared interest or activity as a starting point, and an enthusiastic attitude from the volunteers involved”

Dr Shoker Abobeker

Upcoming Events

Newroz Celebration

This began in 21 of March every year with a celebration of Kurdish New Year

Community and Personal Safety Course

PKC with partnership of Fire Service and Police run two weeks course in personal safety and life skills...

changing community

The organisation works in flexible ways, responding to the needs of the changing community. There are British born Kurds, recently arrived refugees and a growing age range.

Have you seen the whole world in one small project!

A long time ago I wished to travel around the world especially to see forests, rivers and different plantations to appreciate different environments and natural beauty. Do you believe that in a day I travelled half the world in one project! That was Eden Project! My journey started from……..